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In-Home Caregivers and The Internet

Are you an in-home caregiver? Here are some statistics that you find interesting: 24% of US adults are in-home caregivers for another adult 3% take care of children with significant disabilities 3% are caregivers for both an adult and a child. In total 30% of all adults in the US are caregivers. That is almost […]

Senior Care – Having a Living Will

Guest Blogger: Roy Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A. It’s summer time here.  Where we drive more, go to the beach, vacation, and do things we don’t normally do.  Which means we put ourselves at risk.  And, I’ve asked you to prepare a living will.  These documents were first created in the 60’s, but the Quinlan case (the one where […]

Sandwich Generation Money Guide

The following are some suggestions from a 2007 CNNMoney Blog. You can see the rest of the article at The goal of this Money Magazine guide is to help you sort through the options to find the resources that best meet your needs. Before you look at the directory of programs and services below, […]

Handle With Care

IN-home care is one of California’s fastest-growing industries as our population of aging baby boomers, seniors and people with disabilities seeking supportive help at home continues to swell. Home care agencies work hard to match seniors with compatible caregivers so families can have peace of mind that their love ones are provided with the best of care.