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In-Home Caregivers and The Internet

Are you an in-home caregiver? Here are some statistics that you find interesting: 24% of US adults are in-home caregivers for another adult 3% take care of children with significant disabilities 3% are caregivers for both an adult and a child. In total 30% of all adults in the US are caregivers. That is almost […]

Respite Care Services: Helping Caregivers Get a Break

Sometimes you just need a break. You need the opportunistic break that offers a few moments to rejuvenate, to enjoy, or accomplish those tasks that seem to sit idly in the proverbial “inbox” of life. As a caregiver for your senior loved one, you spend many of your waking hours working in your daily profession, commuting, coordinating, and making the world around you happen as seamlessly as possible. But, where do you find those mini-moments of time off from housekeeping chores, preparing meals, managing medications, bathing and dressing your senior family member?

Fraud Targets: How to Help Your Senior Loved One’s Avoid Becoming the Next Victim

Technology is a great way to help seniors stay entertained and connect with loved ones and friends who are far away. Technology can also become a double-edged sword. Unfortunately, our older loved ones are increasingly at risk for online scams and other financial abuse.

Seniors and Technology: Gadgets Aren’t Just for the Kids Anymore

It can be interesting and almost amazing to watch as our children tap wildly on their telephones until their thumbs turn blue all in an effort to communicate with their friends. And it’s hard not to chuckle at how they can uncontrollably giggle while watching television and even funny commercials online. Some kids and now even middle-aged adults go to class and even get degrees, all online. Yet, these innovations in how we interact, entertain and how we learn are beginning to transcend the bounds of the “younger crowd.”

How to Choose the Right In-Home Care Provider Agency

The time has come to hire the services of an in-home caregiver. You have decided that seeking a caregiver through an agency is the best option. But how does one go about choosing among the many agencies available? How do you judge the quality of the agency? What are the criteria to consider?

Selecting an In-Home Caregiver

So the “Aha” moment arrives. Circumstances make you realize two things:

1) I’m not as young as I used to be, and

2) “Old age ain’t for sissies” as the great Bette Davis once said.

Gradually, or sometimes suddenly, it happens… we can’t keep up with household chores, we can’t see the street signs to drive safely, we give up cooking or we can’t walk without holding on to the furniture.

Should Your Senior Be Driving?

Every time an incident occurs on the roads that involves a senior, the question arises again whether or not people of a certain age should have to pass their driving test again, or have special restrictions for operating a vehicle. Chances are, if you have a senior loved one, this has been a topic of […]

Preventing Multiple Hospital Readmissions

It is an undeniable fact: Our bodies have a limited lifetime warranty. As we get older, our bodies just simply begin to break down; the inevitable wear and tear of 50, 60, or 70 years of life taking their toll. A significant medical event will often force many seniors to be hospitalized, sometimes for the […]