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Exercise Help for Seniors: Martina Shows Core Exercises

This is a video of Martina Navratilova from  AARP offering exercise help for seniors to develop a strong core. The information comes from Martina’s book “Shape Yourself.”  Now that she is in her 50’s Martina is learning the hard way that even when a person is physically fit, he or she needs to continue to […]

Senior Care: Be Drug Smart

Did you know pharmacies often make one mistake out of every five medication prescriptions they fill? Here are some suggestions on how to be drug smart from AARP June/July 2012 magazine:

Sandwich Generation: 7 Things You Need to Know

Middle-aged women in their mid- to late 40’s are now caring for both their own children and caring for aging parents as well. These family jugglers are being pulled in many different directions at once and so are feeling a lot of stress. Most are working full time and provide an average of 20 hours of care a week to one or more family members.