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Long-Term Care: What You Need to Know

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Sequoia Senior Solutions Staff

Understanding that long-term care is a reality for about 70 percent of people age 65 and over and that the costs related to that care are increasing every day, brings to light the importance of being prepared to deal with a long-term care situation, whether for yourself or a loved one.
While there are a variety of long-term care services and facility options, not all of them are available
in every community. Most people want to stay at home for their care, but even in the event that
they need to go to assisted living or a nursing home, the aligning services may or may not be
obtainable when needed.


Payment options for care also vary. Public payment options put the reliance for skilled, short-term
care on medical health plans and Medicare, and these plans do not pay for non-skilled custodial long-term care. Medicaid, will, however, pay for skilled and non-skilled care but there are asset and income qualifications and limit the individual to what types of care and care facilities can be utilized.
Private payment options allow for an individual to determine much of the course of his or her long-term care because of coverage decisions made at the time a long-term care insurance policy was purchased. However, due to the premium costs from an insurance policy and other determining
factors, this is not an option for everyone. The best you can do is prepare a ‘plan’ for your care to guide your family.
This series of blogs will offer you a look into long-term care and what the options are for care services, payments and the details of a long-term care insurance policy in an effort to help you prepare for and begin considering what long-term care means for you and your family specifically.


In-home, Long term care, Senior care, home care servicesStanton Lawson is the Co-Owner of Sequoia Senior Solutions. Sequoia’s mission is to ensure a better quality of life for their elderly clients and their families, by providing dependable and affordable in-home care. Sequoia’s focus is to keep you or your loved ones at home and avoid:

  • Loss of friends and possessions
  • Loss of independence and freedom
  • Loss of spirit which is drained by the battles of daily living

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